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2018/7/15 11:43:09

Difference between wiper motor and DC motor


Do you know the difference between wiper motor and DC motor? Let's take a look at it with Lihui Xiaobian.

The car wiper motor is also a DC motor.

The wiper motor used a synchronous or double-excited DC motor in the early stage, which has a complicated structure and high cost. Almost all permanent magnet DC motors are used. The power of the wiper motor is generally 4 to 150 W, and most of the motors below 10 W drive one brush; the motors above 15 W drive two identical brushes.

In order to reduce the volume of the motor and increase the output power of the motor, the speed of the motor itself cannot be made too low. Generally, it is designed to be 2000~2500r/min, and then the speed of the motor is reached by the mechanical deceleration device to the speed specified by the technical conditions. The gear ratio of the speed reducer is generally i= 40~70, which is decelerated by a first-stage worm gear. Usually the motor and the reduction gear are made in one piece.

The wiper's power source comes from the electric motor, which is the heart of the entire wiper system. The quality requirements for wiper motors are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, and the wiper motor mounted on the front windshield is generally integrated with the mechanical part of the worm gear. The function of the worm gear mechanism is to reduce the speed and increase the twist. The output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the continuous rotary motion is changed into the left and right swing motion by the four-bar linkage mechanism.

The wiper motor uses a 3-brush structure for easy shifting. The intermittent time is controlled by the intermittent relay, and the wiper is swept according to a certain period by using the return switch contact of the motor and the charge and discharge function of the relay resistor and capacitor.

The wiper strip of the wiper is a tool that directly removes rain and dirt from the glass. The blade strip is pressed against the glass surface by a spring strip, and its lip must match the angle of the glass to achieve the desired performance. Also use permanent magnet DC motor